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The Ghana School of Survey and Mapping (GSSM) is offering quality training and education in surveying and mapping at National and Higher National Diploma level. GSSM is a merger of the former Ghana Survey School and the Cartography Training School. The Ghana Survey School was established in 1921 and was known as the Gold Coast Survey School before Ghana attained her independence in 1957. The establishment of the School was in response to the urgent need to train local indigenes at the middle level manpower to help in the preparation of maps, which is the bedrock for the socio-economic development of any country. It is a fact that nearly all the senior professional surveyors in the country today are all former students of the Ghana Survey School / Gold Coast Survey School. It is on record that until recently the School has also trained students from the West Africa sub region. The cartographic Training School was established in 1933 in response to the need to improve the draughtsmanship capabilities of indigenes. It was the only institution in Ghana which provided training for cartographers in the country up to the certificate level.

UT, faculty ITC
The International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) is the largest institute for international higher education in the Netherlands. It provides international education, research and project services in the field of geo-information science and earth observation using remote sensing and GIS. The aim of ITC’s activities is the international exchange of knowledge, focusing on capacity building and institutional development in emerging countries and countries that are economically and/or technologically less advanced. To date ITC has more than 19,000 alumni in all parts of the world, some of whom are taking leading positions in their respective organizations.
For more information, contact the program director at http://www.itc.nl

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Ghana School of Surveying and Mapping (GSSM)
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Mr. Okantey
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